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Seo Titles For WordPress

When you create your blog with WordPress, the titles that it creates can be improved with a good SEO plugin like SEO Title Tag

There are a few reasons why you might want to implement this plugin on your WordPress blog.  One of them is better control over your titles.  To quote their page:

“It blows my mind how post titles are also used as title tags by WordPress, considering that post titles should be catchy and short-and-sweet, whereas title tags should incorporate synonyms and alternate phrases to capture additional search visibility.” – Stephan Spencer

We have implemented this plugin on our blog and it makes it very easy to rename the titles of pages that WordPress creates.   Try it out!

Tracking Demographics

Here’s a great site for all you Internet marketing statistic nerds.  If you haven’t seen Quantcast already, I definitely recommend checking it out.  It can give you a detailed view of your site demographics that you can publish publicly, or keep track of privately.

Essentially you can use this information to better keep track of your site.  You can also find out what type of users visit your site, and their estimated demographic.  You can better market and design your site around that information.  Take a look at CNN on Quantcast for a sample of the type of statistical and demographical information that is collected.  Very cool stuff!

Change Of Affiliate Domain

We recently switched from having our affiliate marketing network domain from to so update your bookmarks.  The login at the top of our page will work correctly and post securely using SSL to our new domain of

We made this change to make things more streamlined and to not confuse everyone.  If you haven’t logged in yet or do not have an account – signup here.

Ecomxpo Takes Off | Free Coupon For MSN AdCenter

We’re into the first day of the Ecomxpo and it has been a great show so far. For all new affiliates, we recommend you check out the resources available at the show and utilize them to your advantage. It’s a great show to get a feel of the Internet marketing industry and affiliate marketing in general. Many companies listed in the Affiliate Hangout will be there.

You can also grab some great coupons. We picked up this coupon for you for $50 in free clicks for MSN adCenter:

Excomxpo MSN coupon

Hope you can use it to promote some offers!

Good luck!

RegisterFly Is Flying Away

The company RegisterFly.comâ„¢ was recently involved in a bit of a scandal where the CEO Kevin Medina was ousted by two other board members. The case was taken to court and Medina won, and was able to rejoin control of the company as the CEO. At that time apparently, they were also given time to “clean up their act” by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) which holds control of domain names.

It was then announced in a shocking announcement that was to lose their accreditation. This is an announcement that will be sure to shake up the affiliate marketing industry because many of us have domains with The official announcement on ICANN’s website states that the domain company RegisterFly has lost their accreditation, and “Effective immediately ICANN has terminated RegisterFly’s right to use the ICANN Accredited Registrar logo on its website.”

This truly is shocking news, and makes me wonder what is going to happen with the domains that many of us have registered at the company.

Affiliate Network

Our affiliate network is growing!

We recently released a few new offers from major name brand advertisers. Our goal here at Firelead is to offer hand picked top tier offers with the highest payouts available. We have been building our offers steadily to offer webmasters and bloggers a wide variety of choices. We make it simple to take ads from our network and place them on your blog or website. Our goal is to help you make extra money here with ease!

Join our affiliate network and get access to the highest payouts and the most exclusive offers. We are willing to go the extra mile for you. We offer the best affiliate marketing tools available in our network.  If you are looking to start, but are having trouble finding out how – check out our blog and these key entries:

1. What is an affiliate? I am new to internet marketing.

2. How can I make money with Firelead?

3. How do I start a blog?

4. Where do I signup?

Log-in or sign-up today!  We offer simple blog code for you to cut and paste on your blog and make money.  Start blogging your way to high profits.  We make it simple and easy for you!

Building Backlinks

This is intended as a beginners guide for anyone looking to build backlinks. If you are an expert backlink builder, read on – because there may be some information here that is useful to you as well.

Backlinks are simple links that point back to your website. Each link has an anchor text like “click here” or something more relevant like the name of the site that the link is linking to. Building backlinks is one of the most fundamental parts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Webmasters: When you are building a quality web-page, it’s important to build quality backlinks that are relevant to the theme of your site. It’s important to build these quality relevant links because top link popularity is a big factor for the major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

When building backlinks it is very important to vary the anchor text of your links. It’s recommended to naturally come up with phrases that describe your site, or you can even use misspellings on occasion.

Contrary to popular belief, trading reciprocal links do not hold as much weight as a one way link back to your site. Get links from sites that have high page rank and make sure they are pointing directly at you without a “no follow” tag in the source code of the link.

It is important to build backlinks at a slow rate…don’t rush out and get thousands of links pointing to your site, but rather build them at a slow pace. You want to consistently link to the same place on your site- like your front page for example, but also do not forget a few different important sub-pages. Keep your links pointing to your site as long as you can. It wil take months for the search engines to react to these links in search queries. Vary your links, but build links to your main page more than anything else. Build backlinks from different IP addresses is important as well. Make sure you are aware of the number of outbound links that are coming from your own site, and try to always keep the outbound links lower than your inbound links. You can always track your links pointing to your site in Google by typing “link:”

When it comes to directories: Try to get a natural listing in the Yahoo directory or a paid listing. Only pay for the directory listing if you know you are going to get traffic from it. Try for a listing in – it is a search engine that many other search engines feed off of. Lastly, stay out of “link farms” and “free for all’s”.

Getting Rid Of Trackback Spam

Here’s a great tip for webmasters of WordPress blogs or any blog really. If you run a blog you may be aware of the ability to send a “trackback” ping to another blog. This can be abused by sending a “ping” to your site with a link to their site so you will click on it or approve it as a legitimate comment.

Though you can implement anti spam modules like Akismet, it is possible that spam can still slip through the cracks. One of the ways to help block this involves a modification to your .htaccess file found in the root directory of your site. All you have to do is edit your .htaccess file and include a list of known trackback spam IP senders.

We have implemented this list in our .htaccess file, and it has helped tremendously in cutting down spam. It comes from a list of Tor routers monitored by MIT:

UPDATE: I took down the list because it was outdated.  You can find a current list here:

You can also find a great list of IP’s from Texas A&M here (by month). If you have any lists feel free to post links to them here as comments.

Free SEO Clinic

I am a big fan of any free info that can help out my sites, and I found a great site that can help with website design and SEO.  The basis for this clinic is that they pick a site at random and review it based on a few website design characteristics that it lacks.

The site they review is, and it was reviewed by

Check out the review and use the same techniques that they discuss in the review on your own sites to help out your SEO!

Windows Vista – Is It Time To Upgrade?

As an affiliate marketer I have used Windows throughout most of my career. I own a Mac and a PC and I prefer working on my PC no matter how funny those Apple commercials are. I’ve even dabbled in open source operating systems like Ubuntu – which I can say I was somewhat pleased with – but when I saw repeated daily messages that new updates were available in the bottom right hand corner of my screen – I said thats enough.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Linux and open source projects like Freshmeat – I just had some trouble with Ubuntu.  I still run it on one of my machines.

I’ve all heard about the great new features of Windows Vista, and the ease and accessibility of the operating system. I’ve seen the videos and taken the neat little quiz/download that determines if my computer is ready for the challenge of upgrading. I’ve passed the test, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

But today I am considering the past. I know the past isn’t something I should base 100% of my decisions on, but the past certainly does influence my decisions. I think about the past, and it makes me think about the times in the past where I have trusted Microsoft. In the past I have been let down.

I remember when I first got Windows ME, the new features and speed were supposed to blow me away. I quickly realized after a few mishaps that I was actually a beta tester for what would later become Windows XP. I don’t think I am alone here in saying that Windows 98 was great, but Windows ME was terrible. For now though, Windows XP is stable enough for me to continue affiliate marketing, and I can use the programs and tools that I have loaded over the years to help me in what I do best.

I like the fact that the gates of communication are wide open in Windows Vista. I want to see more of that in future upgrades. When the gates of communication are wide open, good things will happen. This is why I blog, and why I want to teach readers what I know and share my knowledge.

So, what are your thoughts? Is it time for a change? Should I just dive in and accept it? Do I have a choice?

Normally, a change can do me good. Eventually I will be switching over to Windows Vista. But for now, I am going to watch as you all become beta testers for software you paid way too much money for. Let me know how it goes.