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Second Life

I read in PC Magazine today that the game Second Life has had some major names join up and try to market their products. The article pointed out less than 200,000 people are currently playing the game, and it hinted that it might not be a good idea to market inside of the game. Internet marketing can be very risky within the game because the majority of players seem to be against it. There are even “virtual terrorists” that have been lobbying for political rights within the game – detonating “virtual bombs” in support of their cause.

However the game turns out, I think it is a neat idea that anyone can go into the game and set up a “second life”. I also recently I saw an eBay auction where the “virtual Amsterdam” was up for sale for $50,000 – and it sold immediately. It honestly didn’t surprise me, because I’ve seen other games like World of Warcraft become corrupted with the buying and selling of “virtual gold”. This kind of takes away from the overall experience of the game if you ask me, and I tend to lose interest after a while with games that allow this sort of thing. I used to play Counter-Strike religiously until the game became overwhelmed with cheaters and hacks. Eventually I just stopped playing it in favor of console games where there was no cheating. Sure they eventually enforced Punk Buster type anti-cheats, but there is always some vulnerability that someone uses to gain the advantage and it can be really frustrating. Eventually I just stopped playing Counter-Strike because of it. I guess you can say I have a short attention span when it comes to games.