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Promotional T-Shirts

We are running a promotion for all new affiliates that generate more than $100 in their first month with us.  It is open to anyone interested in affiliate marketing with our network.  If you are an affiliate and generate more than $100, you are eligible for a free tshirt with this design:

Firelead T-Shirt

Good Luck – we will run the promotion until we run out of t-shirts!  Keep your eye on this blog for when that happens.

RobotReplay Review

RobotReplay is a new web analytics tool where you can track your users by watching what exactly they are clicking on. The service is currently free, and actually records each session similarly to watching a screen sharing video.

The product is simply amazing. It has helped out tremendously on one of my sites… you will get a general picture of what exactly your end users are doing because you will actually be watching what they are doing. It’s great!

Watching Your Website

An affiliate of mine showed me this new service which is similar to Google’s web analytics but it records the entire user session for you so you can replay it back.  This can be VERY helpful when tracking what your end user is doing – because you can see exactly what their movements are, and what they are clicking on.  The service is called RobotReplay.   It can be a great marketing tool because you can see exactly what the end user is doing.  I am going to check it out for one of my sites and let you know how it turns out.  The YouTube video looks outstanding!

Second Life

I read in PC Magazine today that the game Second Life has had some major names join up and try to market their products. The article pointed out less than 200,000 people are currently playing the game, and it hinted that it might not be a good idea to market inside of the game. Internet marketing can be very risky within the game because the majority of players seem to be against it. There are even “virtual terrorists” that have been lobbying for political rights within the game – detonating “virtual bombs” in support of their cause.

However the game turns out, I think it is a neat idea that anyone can go into the game and set up a “second life”. I also recently I saw an eBay auction where the “virtual Amsterdam” was up for sale for $50,000 – and it sold immediately. It honestly didn’t surprise me, because I’ve seen other games like World of Warcraft become corrupted with the buying and selling of “virtual gold”. This kind of takes away from the overall experience of the game if you ask me, and I tend to lose interest after a while with games that allow this sort of thing. I used to play Counter-Strike religiously until the game became overwhelmed with cheaters and hacks. Eventually I just stopped playing it in favor of console games where there was no cheating. Sure they eventually enforced Punk Buster type anti-cheats, but there is always some vulnerability that someone uses to gain the advantage and it can be really frustrating. Eventually I just stopped playing Counter-Strike because of it. I guess you can say I have a short attention span when it comes to games.

Ideas For Websites

It has always been my goal to design a site with decent content, and make it frequently updated – but that does not always have to be the case.  You can create a site that people would use frequently and consistently and upload all of the content 1 time, and have yourself a great site.  It has to be content that people use daily that does not change frequently.  You can then start getting a decent amount of traffic to that site and maybe even bookmark and tell their friends about.  You will then get people to link back to you, and this will bring more traffic.  This will then let you run ads on your website and start making some revenue.

Here are some examples:

cell phone unlock code site

directory of a niche (like a city specific restaurant guide)

recipe site

music site concentrating on a specific genre  (message-board)

site listing hidden companies 800 numbers that are hard to find


I recommend starting with a broad idea and working your way down to something you would use everyday, and you will have yourself a great idea for a site.  Good luck!

Seo Titles For WordPress

When you create your blog with WordPress, the titles that it creates can be improved with a good SEO plugin like SEO Title Tag

There are a few reasons why you might want to implement this plugin on your WordPress blog.  One of them is better control over your titles.  To quote their page:

“It blows my mind how post titles are also used as title tags by WordPress, considering that post titles should be catchy and short-and-sweet, whereas title tags should incorporate synonyms and alternate phrases to capture additional search visibility.” – Stephan Spencer

We have implemented this plugin on our blog and it makes it very easy to rename the titles of pages that WordPress creates.   Try it out!

Tracking Demographics

Here’s a great site for all you Internet marketing statistic nerds.  If you haven’t seen Quantcast already, I definitely recommend checking it out.  It can give you a detailed view of your site demographics that you can publish publicly, or keep track of privately.

Essentially you can use this information to better keep track of your site.  You can also find out what type of users visit your site, and their estimated demographic.  You can better market and design your site around that information.  Take a look at CNN on Quantcast for a sample of the type of statistical and demographical information that is collected.  Very cool stuff!

Change Of Affiliate Domain

We recently switched from having our affiliate marketing network domain from to so update your bookmarks.  The login at the top of our page will work correctly and post securely using SSL to our new domain of

We made this change to make things more streamlined and to not confuse everyone.  If you haven’t logged in yet or do not have an account – signup here.

Ecomxpo Takes Off | Free Coupon For MSN AdCenter

We’re into the first day of the Ecomxpo and it has been a great show so far. For all new affiliates, we recommend you check out the resources available at the show and utilize them to your advantage. It’s a great show to get a feel of the Internet marketing industry and affiliate marketing in general. Many companies listed in the Affiliate Hangout will be there.

You can also grab some great coupons. We picked up this coupon for you for $50 in free clicks for MSN adCenter:

Excomxpo MSN coupon

Hope you can use it to promote some offers!

Good luck!

RegisterFly Is Flying Away

The company RegisterFly.comâ„¢ was recently involved in a bit of a scandal where the CEO Kevin Medina was ousted by two other board members. The case was taken to court and Medina won, and was able to rejoin control of the company as the CEO. At that time apparently, they were also given time to “clean up their act” by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) which holds control of domain names.

It was then announced in a shocking announcement that was to lose their accreditation. This is an announcement that will be sure to shake up the affiliate marketing industry because many of us have domains with The official announcement on ICANN’s website states that the domain company RegisterFly has lost their accreditation, and “Effective immediately ICANN has terminated RegisterFly’s right to use the ICANN Accredited Registrar logo on its website.”

This truly is shocking news, and makes me wonder what is going to happen with the domains that many of us have registered at the company.